God is Faithful

The due diligence process continues for the new home of TC3. A walk-through with church attendee Jeremy Brownie of Brownie Construction and architect Dan Bradon reaffirmed the general structural integrity of the building. Dan was able to envision the opportunity the space offers us and has volunteered to devise an effective floor plan with drawings at NO COST! “He has been awesome to work with,” says Gordon.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has brought in a metal building specialist to inspect the building from top to bottom. Our goal is to give it a serious facelift so he will let us know what options are available and the cost for re-siding the building. Jeremy “has been instrumental in using his gifts for The Lord,” according to Gordon. And for that we are thankful.

We have ordered an air quality test, building assessment and Phase 1 Environmental.

Also underway is assessment of the electrical and fire prevention systems. The good news is that the basics are already in place. We will, however, expand upon them as we bring them up to code. Projected costs are being put together on these systems.

The ball keeps on rolling….Please keep this project in your prayers.

Facility Walk-Thru Draws Enthusiasm

Church attendees were able to see firsthand the proposed new building on September 30th and October 1st during a walk-thru. Even though the current layout of the facility bears little resemblance to a church, the initial response was positive and encouraging.

Most people were surprised by the large size of the space but could easily envision the opportunity it presents for the church. A frequently heard response was, “When can we start working?” As a body, we are truly blessed by many with servant’s hearts.

In addition, church leaders met with the Community Redevelopment Agency recently and were gratified by more good news. We were told the CRA “loves TC3” and is happy to support our efforts. In addition to approving the facility use, the CRA will offer an adequate assistance package for bringing the building into compliance with county codes.*

Again, the Lord seems to be moving us forward in our endeavor!

Moving Forward: Leaders Agree on Building Contract

Looking at wants vs. needs it seems clear that the best option for TC3 at this time is to purchase the property and building adjacent to the already-purchased 8 acres. This was the conclusion that elders and finance leaders came to at their meeting on Sep 24th.

Both the elders and finance team leaders have been in prayer and much thoughtful discussion about this purchase for some time now. And all are in agreement that God is leading TC3 to move forward into this new home.

And so it has been done!

A contract to purchase the 2.5 acre parcel with a building on site has been accepted. Between now and December 10th, the church will have time to complete the due diligence process and finalize the deal.

The building needs some refurbishing and renovating but the leaders believe it offers TC3 the best cost-effective and time-efficient option for our growing church. Moreover, it is the fiscally responsible approach.

Already we are seeing God’s hand upon our plans as He has delivered some key people and resources unto us for the start of this project.

An architect, electrician and indoor sprinkling system specialist have volunteered their services for little or no cost!

Because God can do above & beyond what we can imagine, we ask you to be in prayer that:

  • God would own this process
  • Costs for remodel would be firm and accurate
  • Financing would come through for this project
  • We would be unified and find joy in this process

Above & Beyond Project Takes Off!

We have launched Above & Beyond, our vision for a new TC3 home.

Just as the Israelites were called to “go and possess the land,” we believe that the evident growth of our church is calling us to find a new space where we can meet these growing needs and reach a larger portion of our community.

Our goal is to relocate to the corner of Dixie Highway and Green River Parkway where we have purchased an 8 acre parcel and have contracted to purchase the adjacent 2.5 acre property with a building. The plan was presented during Sunday Service (Sept. 9th) and at the Grace Givers Dinner on September 13th.

The “big picture” plan is as follows:

Pay off the 8 acre parcel  at a cost of $150,000

Purchase adjacent 2.5 acre property w/building for $500,000

Refurbish building/future home

Sell our current facility and pay down debt

Begin new site development on 8 acres, as God allows

While there are many opportunities to help turn this vision into reality, one of the greatest is taking the next step and filling out a Pledge Card.

Both long- and short-term commitments will be the keys to making this thing happen. We welcome “baby steps” of faith in giving. You will find Pledge Cards in your worship program and at the information desk. Let your support and commitment be known.